Lets talk about lengthening the life of your manicures and protecting your hands from becoming dry and cracked. Do you wash a lot of dishes? I know that I do, especially when its only a few things, not enough to fill the dishwasher, fine crystal or crusty pans. Can you say, “rubber gloves”? I avoided wearing them for the longest time, mostly because it just seemed inconvenient. Well let me tell you, they are the perfect accessory for house cleaning, they are just as important as your under eye cream. And super cute, forget about the old yellow gloves that grandma wore, I found these adorable leopard print gloves on Amazon. They’ll protect your hands and nails from the damages of harsh dish soap, hot water, (I don’t know about you but I like my water, the hotter the better) and other cleaning detergents.

We all remember that cute little jingle about that blue dish-soap, and how it “takes grease outta your way”! Well, that also means that it is pulling the natural oils from your skin.  Oh, and not to mention, they give you a better grip on your dishes, or the glass of wine🍷 you like sipping, while doing them. So remember always bring your own nail paints with you to the salon, put on a fresh coat of clear the day after you have your manicure, and use your sexy rubber gloves.

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